100 Resilient Cities in Latin America and the Caribbean

Latin America is the most urbanized region of the world today, with over 80% of the population concentrated in cities. Many of these cities are characterized by contrasts, with the wealthy living in modern comfort, fully plugged-in to the global formal economy, while the poor still struggle to access basic services, including security, public transport, water, and sanitation.

80% of Latin America’s population is concentrated in cities

While member cities of the 100RC network share common challenges across the globe, this is especially true of 100RC cities in Latin America — their collaboration with one another and their respective impact on the ground represent a gateway for coalescence around an integrated and effective agenda for the region as a whole.

With over 43.4 million people living within their borders, and tens of millions more residing in their greater metropolitan regions, the 16 member cities of the 100RC network in Latin America represent an unparalleled opportunity for investing in resilience to make an impact on economies, ecologies, and human lives for generations to come.

This prospectus summarizes seven resilience-building initiatives being developed in six diverse member cities across Latin America.