How to Get Involved

The Rockefeller Foundation and 100RC are now developing The Urban Resilience Fund (TURF) to facilitate large-scale private sector investment into urban resilience projects in select global cities.

The goals of The Urban Resilience Fund are three-fold:

  1. Establish a market standard for resilient infrastructure and demonstrate the value of the resilience dividend
  2. Mobilize private sector funding to support cities’ efforts in achieving resilience
  3. Provide support to implement the initiatives and projects in member cities’ Resilience Strategies

As part of this effort, 100RC is developing a Resilience Screen to identify and evaluate the resilience value of infrastructure projects. The Resilience Screen is a tool that 100RC will leverage to support the identification and qualification of projects for TURF, while deploying resilience building solutions to ensure that key resilience features are built into projects.

For more information or to get involved with the work of our resilient cities, please contact:

Elizabeth Yee
VP, Resilience Finance
Eugene Zapata Garesché 
Managing Director, Latin America and Caribbean