The Impact of 100 Resilient Cities

US$170M mobilized from The Rockefeller Foundation to pioneer 100 Resilient Cities

Over 1,000 applications from prospective cities reviewed; 100 Member Cities selected through three rounds of challenges

95 employees globally supporting the development and execution of urban resilience projects in member cities

Over 230 dedicated subject matter advisors

40 city-wide Resilience Strategies, featuring over 2,000 initiatives, have been published across the network

More than 13,000 community practitioners are actively engaged in the resilience-building process in our cities

86 Chief Resilience Officers across 47 countries are currently collaborating with their city leaders, city departments, and each other, with over 10,000 hours of resilience-building capacity delivered to them

More than US$230 million has been pledged by 100RC partners in the form of pro-bono services and expertise

138 engagements have already formed between our cities and 100RC partners to execute projects and initiatives

More than US$525 million has been leveraged from national, philanthropic and private sources to implement resilience initiatives in 100RC network member cities