The Value of 100 Resilient Cities

We are a trusted urban resilience advisor, with 95 employees (in-house) developing urban resilience projects with member cities across the world.

We are a leading incubator of resilience solutions and resources for urban resilience knowledge and project implementation, with extensive support from and collaboration with our global partner network.

Our broad network gives us the ability to identify trends, and develop and scale solutions.

Through our intensive stakeholder engagement and strategy process that sources, evaluates and develops solutions that address city resilience challenges, we cultivate the enabling environment that supports project delivery.

There is a high degree of overlap in the resilience initiatives being conceived across the 100 cities. For example, among the infrastructure projects found in published resilience strategies, 34% are concerned with improving the management, maintenance, or governance of the asset, 23% aim to incorporate principles of blue-green infrastructure, 22% are related to potable water, sewage, or sanitation needs, and 20% strive to address flooding and storm-water — with some projects touching on two, three, or even four of these areas.