Value of Resilience Projects

The resilience dividend is the net social, economic, and physical benefits achieved when designing urban initiatives and projects in a forward-thinking, risk-aware, inclusive, and integrated way.

Building urban resilience requires looking at a city holistically — understanding its systems and their interdependencies, as well as the various shocks and stresses it may face. Similarly, resilience projects are designed holistically to ensure that multiple benefits are obtained from any single intervention.

There are two distinct advantages of urban resilience:

  1. Better Outcomes: Investing in resilience will reduce and even help prevent the impact of shocks and stresses to the city’s people, physical environment, and economy, will accelerate disaster recovery, and will improve the quality of life for the city’s residents.
  2. Co-Benefits: Addressing urban challenges in an integrated and holistic way will help the city realize multiple benefits across sectors and stakeholders, in particular for the poorest and most vulnerable members of society.