Rhebokskloof MTB Trail Review

Earlier this month I did a doubleheader and opted to ride Saturday and Sunday on the trails littered around Wellington and Paarl. Saturday was Wellington and Sunday was Paarl, to see the review of Welvanpas click here, this post is for the review of Rhebokskloof.

directions from cape town

After Saturdays pedal at Walvenpas trails in Wellington I was more than happy to trek out to Paarl to explore another trail I had never ridden, Rhebokskloof. I had also only heard good things about the trails so come 8am we were on the road and set off on the hours’ drive to Paarl to go have some fun.

The directions to get to the wine estate were terribly easy, even for a ‘directionless’ fool like myself. Upon arriving at the wine estate we were greeted by a mountain range engulfing us, fun times of singletrack were awaiting us. After paying for our day permit and consulting the map, which wasn’t very informative, we found the start of the trails and set off. We opted to tackle the longer 21km route named ‘shiraz’, rather apt as we were on a wine estate. The first 5km’s rolled on steadily as we neared closer to the climbs. The route was a good balance of jeep track and singletrack to keep us entertained on the ascent, the singletrack climbs consisted of a lot of boulders and roots, best you also keep an eye out for those ‘sniper’ tree stumps which are always ready to give you a nasty surprise when you least expect it.

rocky hard pack singletrack greeted us early in the ride

As we continued to ascend we met the main climb of the long route. The length of the climb was only 1.7km’s however with an average gradient of 11% it was a tough challenge for all of us. The one perk though was the fact that the climb was jeep track so in terms on technical difficultly it was no issue.

Upon reaching the top of the climb we were greeted with the beginning of the singletrack, it was now time to commence our descent down the narrow, banked cornered singletrack, bliss. After the first section of the singletrack we were greeted by a truly breathtaking viewing spot. The viewing spot was perched on the top of a massive rock outcrop which one could ride. From here you could see the greater parts of Paarl and in fact Wellington, majestic.

shiraz route viewing point

A few minutes after standing in aw we decided to continue with our descent down the singltrack. The remainder of the route was nothing but singltrack, all 6km’s of it. In hindsight the climb from early was certainly worth it. The remainder of the singletrack descent was fast and relentless, it wasn’t incredibly technical but you had to keep your wits about you as if you lost concentration you could take a long tumble down the side of the mountain. We were welcomed numerous times on the descent by massive rock formations that we had to sneak our way through, a feature I had never experienced on any other trails I had ridden before, very unique and special. One bit of constructive criticism would be the signage. When riding on the trail one will notice red and blue arrows, ignore these and stick to following the black arrows with white backgrounds, however I’m nit picking now.

route and profile

After the never ending singletrack descent came to a close one could feel nothing but satisfaction, the trails are gorgeously manicured and are a real treat, a thoroughly great day out on another pristine trail. What a way to end of a weekend.

See you on the outside — urban rouleur

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