Join An AMA By Ben Werdmuller Of Matter. Nov 6, 2017 On UrbanAMA.

Let’s discuss the Future of Media with the man who is helping entrepreneurs build it!

Ben Werdmuller will take your questions about building socially empathetic platforms and the future of media on Monday, November 6, on UrbanAMA.

I’ve written about only a handful of AMAs here, but this is one I am personally very excited about and want you to join. I know a number of you are here on Medium because you feel strongly about platforms that provide a voice to everyone.

I’m also excited about this topic because I’m part of a team that is building one such platform, to enable people speak truth to power by amplifying voices.

It’s a strange time in our country and the world at the moment. As I wrote earlier, faith in media is at an all time low and partisan sentiments are at an all time high. If we don’t have the conversations now, it will be too late.

Matter. is fueling an ecosystem of startups that will enable such conversations at scale.

At UrbanAMA, our data shows that while Stories promote over sharing, there’s very little audience attention on it.

We believe that without interactivity, there is no community.

Our case studies show that Live interactions are unequal and chaotic.

We believe that the future of interactivity will be more equal and with a healthy mix of audio, video and text.

Do you see it differently? Let’s debate what the future of media looks like — please join us in the conversation with Ben and tell us what you value the most!

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