The Sound of Cologne

In the beginning was Delirium. That was the original name of the Cologne record shop because it was a branch of the underground-techno franchise in Frankfurt. A group of artists, producers, and DJs who were circling in the techno universe opened it in 1993. That they would later rename the shop Kompakt had many reasons. One being: Cologne is an island. At least as concerns techno.

Cologne-inspired cover of a Kompakt compilation. © Kompakt

With all its contacts in the international music scene, a unique style developed in Cologne. What magazines called as early as the 1990s “Sound of Cologne,” is largely due to Wolfgang Voigt, besides Jürgen Paape and Michael Mayer, who are still today the proprietors of Kompakt. Voigt is partial to minimal techno — sounds for a gentleman instead of a Ballerman (the German term associates beachfront boozing and partying to loud music). [ Continue reading at Kulturkenner]

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