Hiring a Senior Product Designer at UrbanClap and 10 FAQs

About UrbanClap: UrbanClap is India’s largest home services marketplace. Our platform helps customers hire trusted professionals for services like salon at home, cleaning, plumbing, carpentry, interior design, wedding photography, yoga training etc. Since its inception in 2014, UrbanClap has built a network of 80,000+ hand-picked service professionals, and served millions of customers across major metropolitan cities of India.

About the role: As a Senior Product Designer, you will be responsible for working closely with a cross-functional teams to build and launch important new products and features that impact lives of tens of thousands of professionals and customers who engage daily with our apps. You will collaborate with engineers, designers, researchers, and analysts during the entire product lifecycle. You’ll also work closely with the co-founders and VPs of various functions.

Role requirements


  • A minimum of 5 years of experience in designing for digital products
  • Your work should include solving problems of the organisation for growth, conversion, sales etc. via design
  • You should have hands-on experience in working with engineering teams and product management teams
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • You should be able to crisply define a problem statement, what success should look like and how did you arrive at a design solution
  • You should have the ability to align user needs with business objectives


  • You should be a fairly advanced Sketch user
  • We’d expect you to help the team move to design systems as necessary
  • Familiar with Marvel (or similar screen-based prototyping tools)
  • (Bonus) Familiar with Framer Studio/ Origami/ Principle or even After Effects
  • Bringing additional skills to the table such as illustration, branding capabilities, motion design etc. is a plus too!
  • You are expected to regularly test your prototypes with users (ideate > prototype > test > improve > repeat)
  • You are expected to document your processes, design decisions and methods religiously to arrive at a solution

Some more important stuff…

  • You should be ready to both lead and learn and share them with the team.
  • You should facilitate and nurture an environment of constant learning and creating an internal knowledge base.
  • You should be an evangelist of the UrbanClap design team (both, inside the company as well as to the broader external community).
  • You are productive, honest and supportive. You lack ego and put the best interests of the company and team above your own.
  • You honour and compliment the contribution of your peers. You believe good design is the desired result of collaboration, and that it is a shared responsibility of everyone in an organisation.
  • You sweat the details because you know that millions of people rely on what you’re designing. You ensure all details in the flows and visual design work are thorough before the build goes out the door.
  • You should also be a fun person to work with :)
Please note: We are NOT expecting you to be a design unicorn. We expect you to really know stuff that you worked on and are proud of, be really good in communication and be an incredible person to work with!

10 Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a UI/ UX role?
Depends on how you define it. As a Senior Product Designer at UrbanClap, you will have to interact with customers, professionals and bring in insights on the table. You will also be required to mock up tentative solutions and prototype them to test with users. Once refined, you will be expected to create final visuals for the same and present solutions to the stakeholders.

What is your team structure/ size?
We are a 4 member team: VP of Design, a Senior Product Designer and two Product Designers. All of us work hands-on on problems (no exceptions), projects and deliver tangible solutions working hand on hand with Product Managers, Business and Engineering.

I have less than 5 years of experience but I think I’m fit for the role described. Can I still apply?
Absolutely! If you have worked on significant amount of projects that showcase your ability to deliver and execute on different user, business problems, AND meet most of the aforementioned requirements, I’d be happy to have a chat.

What is the interview process?
After we connect, you will have a telephonic conversation with someone from the design team where we will try to understand more about each other, the role, the expectation and your past experiences. During the telephonic conversation, we will also lay out the process for the next steps in the interview.
The second round is technical in nature where we will schedule a Skype/ Hangout call with you (or an in-person interview if you’re in Delhi NCR) to go through your past work in detail. We will have a detailed conversation about your working style, learnings and aspirations. We set aside a lot of time to answer your questions about the team, company, vision, career etc. Anywhere during the process so far, if we feel we need more insight on your ways of working, we will give you an assignment as well with generous timeline and take it from there. An assignment gives us a clearer picture on how you approach a problem through it’s solution(s).
If we are not convinced with your work, we ensure we give you feedback on what our expectations were and where it didn’t end up matching.
If we are convinced with you, your work, attitude, spirit, we will call you for another interview round with Product and Engineering. If everything works good, you will meet our founders for the last round of interview.

Where can I see some of the work done by the team?
We are putting a lot of focus on our Medium Blog to cover case studies and learnings on building a Services Marketplace. We also keep posting our ongoing design work on Dribbble. Also, the best way to see our work is on production: UrbanClap.com or the apps. We are also very open to critique — so, if you find something off, let us know.

What is the design culture at UrbanClap like?
It’s one of the most important and valued pillars of the company and to an extent that everybody is very proactively contributing towards a good design experience for our professionals and customers. We advocate both measurable and unmeasurable designs in the company as long as it serves delight to our users, solves business problems for our organisation.
We believe in critique a lot and encourage a lot of internal as well as cross-functional inputs and improvements in almost everything we design.
We hold ourselves responsible for the values we deliver to users (customer insights, behaviour, research, testing), business (problem solving, strategy, communication, lean functional designs) and also design delight(what is usually the perception of design in the world — could be visual design, animations etc.).
We are ourselves the recruiters, evangelists and torch bearers for everything design and constantly pushing each other to get better at what we do every single day. 
A good read around this by Amit Jaglan (Senior Product Designer):

Will I grow as a designer?
You’ll grow more than as a designer at UrbanClap. We are fast paced while not compromising on quality of things we ship. You will learn how to really solve business problems with design. You will also be able to measure its success. We do regular, internal classes to share our knowledge in various themes and verticals of design. We attend meetups, conferences and focus a lot on education and skillset growth.
You will also learn product building by working hand on hand with business teams and product management teams here. 
Eventually, you will contribute directly to our product roadmap and help shape the future of the company.
A good read around this: The Designers we‘ll become

Do the founders understand design?
Yes, very much. They understand and appreciate the kind of value product design can bring to the table. They are heavily involved and proactive in going through designs, understand the background and how it was solved and so on. At times, they’d push me for not doing enough for design outreach and community building!! 😉

What kind of design tools do you use?
For documentation and keeping track of things:
👉 Basecamp (🙏 ) 
👉 Google Docs 
👉 Aha!
For designing:
👉 Sketch (used almost all the time)
👉 Affinity Designer (rarely used)
👉 Affinity Photo (rarely used)
For prototyping/ interactions:
👉 Principle (easiest tool to communicate interactions to engineering)
👉 Framer Studio (still getting a hang of it)
👉 Marvel (most used prototyping tool, used with stakeholders and users)
👉 Adobe After Effects (ahem!)
For user insights:
👉 Appsee 
👉 Lookback
👉 Inspectlet
👉 GA and more

Can I learn more about the work processes and flows of a project in the team?

If you find this exciting, you can write to amitdas at urbanclap dot com with your portfolio/ resume and story.

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