It was supposed to be good!

Just like the sun that destructed me from writing it down!

I just had to!

Why do I feel like I am cursed sometimes? Why do the good ideas come to me when I am just about to dose off?

I spend the rest of the day cracking my head, even at night I am still searching. I cant seem to find it, I try and maybe I try a little too hard and still there is nothing.

The moment I give up, roll out my blankets, put my head down, there they are raining like its already November. “But I have been looking for you all day and you choose now? How sick of you!?”

Ideas are not so friendly, especially the great ones.

They come in funny ways especially for me, because for me my best ideas usually come when I am not looking for them.

They usually choose when I am relaxed, like sitting on the toilet seat or taking a shower. I don’t like to think that I am that weird, but come on, toilet seat? Who’s gonna say I had this idea while I was taking a piss or emptying the jar? Seriously?

But that’s my life!

Like it happened this afternoon. I really wanted to write a great post and I had nothing on me. What will I do now?

After giving up, I took my midday nap, this is the part I love during the day…napping… Just as the sweet transfer from this world into that dreamy ‘I want to live here forever’ world was happening boom sweet little miss idea knocks!

I had been clever now to always keep a pen and paper besides me for when this happens. Today wasn't the day folks! I woke up a few minutes later, my hand on the table, probably where I was searching the pen and paper to write the idea down.

“What was it again?” Who remembers? The only thing I had left of that idea was a feeling, it was something great.

I really hope you get to enjoy that post one day. Forgive my sleepy head, but come on the sun was just calling me. It had to happen, sadly at the expense of what might have been great story, instead all you get is this!

PS: I really need some ideas and encouragement my email is would love to here from you, great life ✌️