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Urban Sharing Featured by Google

Last week, Google published an article describing how Urban Infrastructure Partner (UIP) uses Google’s Cloud Platform to handle large amounts of data and prepare for scaling up operations as the company grows and evolves. UIP operates Oslo City Bike along with other bike sharing systems, and is set to launch new locations next year. A critical element to UIP’s development strategy is using data collection and machine learning to optimize the design and operation of their Urban Sharing platform. Through better, more intricate understanding of how their platform is used, UIP is making predictions that help to create a more effective and efficient system design. Partnering with Google has allowed UIP, a start-up, to keep the team small and nimble while maximizing its development opportunities.

Johan Høgåsen-Hallesby, CTO, will be presenting at Google’s Big Data Summit on October 24 in Dublin, Ireland. There he will share more insight into how UIP listens to the city through data collection and uses the Google Cloud Platform in creating new innovations in urban mobility.

See full article from Google here.



Urban Sharing is a software platform for shared micromobility.

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Urban Sharing is a software platform for micromobility. Based in Oslo, Norway.