Digital Nomadism: Dream work-method of the Y-generation.

What is Digital Nomadism?

Digital Nomadism, the dream work-method conceived in many Y-generations’ minds, is the new trend of work which can be done easily in anywhere only with a smart phone or a laptop as long as you know the WiFi password

So; how is it formed?

The main reason behind this new trend is working in congested, gloomy offices without windows and sunlight. Just think about it! A person works approximately 40 hours a week, considering that he/she works 5 days a week and spends around 8 hours per day.

So under this pessimistic atmosphere, digital nomadism is the evolution of freelance work with the idea of “I don’t need a home to work, anywhere can be home, office or deskjob”, which is one of the solutions bringing light into darkness.

If we are to count the advantages;

Digital nomad is the one saying “Somewhere up there, there exists a place and that place is my office”

Nomads have options varying from a bungalow in Olympus to a tent in Panama Beaches.

They don’t need to wake up before the city does

Waking up early is an option for nomads. As long as they deliver their work on time, they control their own schedule.

“Take it easy!” lifestyle

No one can interfere with them and they can work anywhere and anytime without stress and they move on their lives.

Recognizing new cultures and geographies

As nomads will have more time to stay at the same place, this period of their lives will give them more reasons to deeply observe the culture and environment.

Opportunity to learn new languages

While spending more time at the same place and dealing with the new geography and culture, they will have more interaction with the locals and this will increase the chance of learning the local language as a new language.

Meeting like-minded people

The new people that nomads meet can be a life-long friend or just some familiar faces in another place in another time.

Creating and extending network

A person’s business network improves and extends upon traveling and meeting with different people

Having more freedom of thought

Because of the experiences Nomads gain and people they meet, norms and models lose their importance and ideas become more free.

If you believe that you have a professional and already improved job to work as freelance and you think that life at the office is not for you, with some English skills you can easily become a “Digital Nomad”. After that point, all that matters are your priorities, desires and dreams.

And there we are; telling you “Good Luck”.

Now, it is time for you to come and explore with

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