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We started to work on the Locals feature

We started to work on the Locals feature, which we think would be a great contribution to the journey of self-recognition for travelers.

The best part about traveling is that you become aware of the different cultures at your destination. Most of the time you cannot do this alone. Getting together with local people in a city and walking around with their guidance would create an unforgettable story for a traveler.

One of the biggest differences between a traveler and a reader is that a traveler has the chance to verify the information written in books. Being able to see and observe countries that books, especially political ones, written on them is valuable.

With Urbansurf we aim to bring travelers and locals together in small groups. Now, travelers will be able to get in touch with locals without a specific activity.

You can get service from a local person either paid or free of charge with the Locals feature. Travelers will be able to see what kind of service they can get from Locals and will be able to view their profiles.

Locals will be able to upload information about the languages they can speak, places they visited, their interests and most importantly they will be able to share their stories.

We thank our users who have supported us on our journey to bring different cultures together.

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