Nesting Our Way into Smarter Homes

Nest — YouTube Channel

Homeowners in communities across North America are scrambling to take advantage of the new efficiency opportunities created by technology.

Nest has responded with a range of unique and innovative products to help homeowners improve efficiency and reduce waste by leveraging the power of technology to create better living experiences.

Nest’s third generation thermostat actually responds to your preferences by learning what you like, and responding accordingly. The thermostat automatically adjusts the temperature based on learning your preferences as well as your family’s, which allows you to enjoy energy savings while creating a more comfortable and inviting living space. And because Nest’s thermostat allows you to heat and cool your home more efficiently, you can help your community become a greener and more liveable space.

Besides temperature control, Nest’s third generation thermostat provides uncompromising convenience. Homeowners can control their thermostat with the touch of their smart phone, allowing full control and access from anywhere. Heading home early and want to make sure the place is extra cozy? Just turn up the temperature on your Nest smart phone app and come home to a warm and inviting space.

But Nest isn’t just focused on better home efficiency and temperature control. Nest’s Protect device is a new kind of smoke and CO2 alarm that provides the homeowner with smarter alerts and notifications from anywhere. By harnessing the power of mobile and information technologies, Nest has transformed the way we think about our homes and day-to-day lives.

In today’s information age, technology has the power to improve our homes and communities, and provide better quality of life. Nest’s products are designed to help homeowners use technology to not only reduce waste, but create a safer, more efficient, and more comfortable living space for you and your family. Nest is definitely helping pave our way into SMARTER homes in a sustainable and efficient way — don’t you think?