Trick or Treat? It doesn’t really matter unless is SMART

Dear ürbers, today is a special day…

It’s Halloween!

As you can see from the video above, Halloween is a long-established celebration and it requires a real investment in candies, costumes and time in USA. People love making their kids happy!

Even if in Europe the celebration is more like an excuse to party than a real tradition, you all know it veeery well.

We at ürbes want to tell you something you might still not know about Halloween. Yes, there are some aspects and connections which go beyond the amusement.

Would you feel safe if your child walked alone during the evening for the trick or treating millennial activity? Well there is no right answer, it depends is probably the best one.

Something that could save American parents is certainly walkability. Do not worry it isn’t a bad world, neither another world of the trick or threat ultimatum given by children.

Walkability is a measure of how friendly an area is to walking, based on presence or absence and quality of footpaths, pedestrian rights of way, traffic and road conditions, land use patterns, building accessibility, and safety.

A pedestrian design provides more benefits for health, environment and economy. It sounds clear that walking is healthier than driving for simple reasons:

- Is an effective way of training

- It encourages thinking process

- It can prevent from chronic diseases

- It reduces the level of pollution

So we have no excuses: laziness is not accepted my dear readers.

Regarding the environmental aspect walking more, on a massive scale, could:

- Reduce carbon emission

- Contribute to reduce climate change

Are you convinced now? Walking is healthy not just for ourselves but also for the entire world’s ecosystem.

Last but not least walkability has been found to have economic benefits including:

- Cost saving both to individuals and to the public

- Increased efficiency of land use

- Promotion of tourism

- Increased property value

You might think why is walkability related with Halloween?…Well some years ago it happened that for the first time USA cities and especially neighborhoods were graded through an architectural metric called…guess…TRICK OR TREAT TEST. Think about it: on Halloween day children flock together to places where cars drive slowly, streets are well-lit, houses are close together, and front doors are close to the street.

Some smart economists decided then to create a trick or treat index, which is debatable and for someone is still weird to use it for evaluating where is worthwhile living is USA.

Nevertheless the index is updated every year and it is generally considered a good measure of safety and houses value.

Let’s discover the best cities and neighborhoods in USA before going party hard!

Happy Halloween witches and warlocks!