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In May, UREEQA Couldn’t Be Stopped

Momentum isn’t an easy power to maintain in the midst of extreme market volatility. But in May, UREEQA successfully overcame storms plaguing the crypto space with a series of blockbuster announcements, thrilling developments and encouraging experiences.

The month kicked off with the first piece of public evidence that the UREEQA platform is the real deal when BK the Artist sold five editions of the world’s first UREEQA-validated, Responsibly-Minted NFT (complete with the first Package of Proof on the planet) for nearly 40 ETH (approximately US$115,000 at current rates).

BK and UREEQA made history there, and we capped the month Monday with the release of the initial edition of the world’s first truly, publicly and transparently authenticated lot of collectible NFT cards.

But a hell of a lot went down between the sale of “The Hands of Time (#2)” on May 1 and the unveiling of “Crypto Kong” on our brand-new Marketplace on May 31.

The second NFT with UREEQA’s seal of authenticity, “Invitation to Ascension” by Vapor95, generated more than 41 ETH in sales, and the platform gave Hollywood its first-ever verified NFT by validating and minting renowned composer Gregg Leonard’s feature film score for the theatrically released “Triumph,” starring RJ Mitte from “Breaking Bad.”

Meanwhile, the UREEQA roster continued to expand magnificently with three critical additions.

1. Former KPMG director of market relations and versatile industry executive Rakan Aown became the organization’s new Vice President of Business Development and immediately jumped into the deep end with an enlightening and lively AMA on the platform’s official Telegram channel.

“What really attracted me to this was the ability to support the artists,” Aown said, “and help them protect and monetize their work.”

2. Former SAS director of consulting services and celebrated business leader Joe Pillitteri became the company’s new Vice President of Operations and promptly oversaw the development of UREEQA’s new website — a cutting-edge home for our Creators, Validators, Protectors, Tokenholders, partners and customers (new and old).

“UREEQA’s found a way to protect Creators in a world where they are not adequately protected,” Pillitteri said. “As a result, there’s also an element of goodness for mankind in this project, and I think that’s really cool.”

3. Longtime music industry manager Scot McCracken signed on to run the Music Publishing Admin business that UREEQA has in the works for June.

“Standing behind content creators and saying we’re going to verify, protect and make sure you’re paid for your work sounds like a simple idea,” McCracken said. “But compared to the way that things are done now, it’s revolutionary.”

And while FUD swirled around the industry broadly as cryptocurrencies generally declined throughout the month, many loyal early URQA Tokenholders had a chance in May to get in on bonus tokens via our staking pools. All three pools, which guarantee returns of between 20% and 50% APY at maturity, were filled to the max within hours of their release on May 3.

“Very little about launching a platform in this industry is simple or predictable, but I’m extremely proud of the way our team has navigated a wild spring and encouraged by the loyalty and passion we’ve received from our supporters,” UREEQA CEO Harsch Khandelwal said. “We look forward to rewarding that devotion in a multitude of ways as we take a much larger stage in June and beyond.”

That stage will include the expansion of UREEQA’s Marketplace (which will serve as the bread and butter of UREEQA.com and offer purchases in cash or crypto as well as redeemable content), the launch of the platform’s public MVP on June 23 and a looming Advisory Board announcement that will make waves throughout the industry.

In May, Khandelwal hinted at some of that, reflected on the project’s progress and elaborated in general on UREEQA and the realm of digital assets in appearances with The Birb Nest and ICONPLUS Capital.

In June, expect even more.

The short- and long-term future promises to be no less exhilarating as momentum continues to build regardless of the market.

The UREEQA platform strives to protect Creators’ work, their rights and their revenue by harnessing the power of blockchain technology.

Established in Canada in 2020, UREEQA will modernize the inefficient and bureaucratic systems currently in place for copyright, patent, industrial design and trademark protection. By building a robust and compelling Package of Proof for source creative work, UREEQA only mints Validated NFTs to represent creative rights. This helps keep buyers safe by giving them confidence that the work they are purchasing was minted by the smart contract approved by the Creator of the work and is therefore authentic.

UREEQA provides value and opportunities for its Creators, Validators and Tokenholders via URQA, the token at the heart of the UREEQA ecosystem.

For more information on UREEQA and upcoming announcements please visit our website UREEQA, join our Telegram channel here, and follow us on Twitter here.

Statements in this article, including any statements relating to UREEQA’s future plans and objectives or expected results, may include forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are based on numerous assumptions and are subject to all of the risks and uncertainties inherent in technology development and commercialization. As a result, actual results may vary materially from those described in the forward-looking statements.





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