The UREEQA Music 100 NFT Drop Will be the Gift that Keeps on Giving

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6 min readJan 8, 2022


UREEQA has something special in store for those with crypto in their pockets and music in their hearts: A limited-edition NFT drop as part of a special private sale on our Marketplace that will pave the way for purchasers to invest in royalty streams.

With the UREEQA Music 100, music lovers will have a unique opportunity to acquire a loaded package of digital and tangible awesomeness.

What purchasers get

1. A kick-ass piece of digital art produced by a psychedelic creator.

2. Top-notch utilities that could include special access to shows, VIP experiences, meet-and-greets and exclusive merchandise.

3. A total of 5,000 $URQA tokens, provided on a quarterly basis.

4. The ability to invest in song royalties that UREEQA secures and makes available for direct investment​. As holders of these NFTs accumulate investments in song royalties, their NFTs will increase in value.

That’s right, as a purchaser, you’ll own a slice of a song or a series of songs, depending on what appeals to you as a music aficionado. Hear one of the songs you’ve invested in? You’re getting a piece of that action, every single time.

You’ll be investing in emerging artists, the NFT realm, and UREEQA. It’s not just about potential ROI on paper, but also the emotional and passion-based ROI associated with owning something special and impactful.

Plus, you’ll be in early — which could be extremely beneficial because music annuities decline as songs pass their peak.

You’ll also be a member of a cool and exclusive club, where you and fellow Music 100 investors can discuss your royalties, your perks, your digital property or just shoot the @#$! in an exclusive Discord channel.

Categories and pricing

Five of the NFTs will be categorized as LEGENDARY, 20 will be categorized as EPIC, and the remaining 75 will be RARE, with each segment featuring unique artwork while offering those aforementioned creator-related utilities.

Each NFT will sell for roughly 2.94 ETH (where 1 ETH = USD$3,390.25), with substantial discounts on the table for URQA token holders. It will provide owners with a unique opportunity to invest in royalty streams stemming from hand-picked songs/compositions, in many cases penned by emerging artists. This is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an emerging songwriter launchpad — and you might just invest in tomorrow’s rising stars.

The token holder advantage

What’s more, if you’re already a token holder, not only will you enjoy early access to purchase these NFTs, but once voting is live from January 10th at noon EST to the 12th at noon EST, you can visit our website here to vote on allowing us access to a portion of tokens in the Community Enrichment Program to support this initiative.

As for the discounts available to those with URQA tokens in their wallets…

  • UREEQANS (those with a minimum of 1K $URQA) will only pay US$7500 + 5000 $URQA.
  • ARTISANS (those with a minimum of 10K $URQA) will only pay US$7500 + 4000 $URQA.
  • MERCHANTS (those with a minimum of 25K $URQA) will only pay US$7500 + 3000 $URQA.
  • NOBELS (those with a minimum of 50K $URQA) will only pay US$7500 + 1500 $URQA.
  • VISIONARIES (those with a minimum of 100K $URQA) will only pay US$7500

More on the utilities

  • 5,000 $URQA tokens provided over the next year (1,250 each quarter), which will be provided through UREEQA Community Enrichment Program (subject to a community vote). This is significant as a means of offsetting risk.
  • Only UREEQA Music 100 NFT holders will be eligible to invest in song royalties that UREEQA secures and makes available for direct investment​. As holders of these NFTs accumulate investments in song royalties, their NFTs will increase in value.
  • Holders of the 100 NFTs will be provided with various creator-related utilities (to be confirmed by UREEQA, based on availability), including opportunities such as exclusive virtual engagements/discussions, exclusive limited-edition merchandise, as well as front-of-stage tickets to upcoming shows/events, as well as backstage passes​.
  • Of course, a buyer will also be speculating on the NFT artwork itself, and can potentially benefit significantly from the appreciation of said artist’s creative work as well.

Extra deets

Beyond that, the UREEQA Music 100 should help to bolster the $URQA token across the board by drawing more token holders to the community, which in turn increases demand and should help drive the price up.

Meanwhile, proceeds from UREEQA Music 100 sales will be used to invest in songs/compositions that contribute revenues to UREEQA’s Emerging Creator Royalty Fund (ECRF), a portion of which benefits all token holders. The ECRF invests in the royalties of identified songs/compositions​, predominantly from emerging songwriters/composers.

Maggie’s Szabo’s hit single “My Oh My” was the first such investment from the ECRF, and that track has cracked the top 30 on the Canada Hot AC chart.

This is another way in which UREEQA is blazing trails and exploring territory that has never been tapped before. There is no comparison or precedent when it comes to unique, utility-laden, fund-related NFT drops. This is an all-encompassing product that can benefit those who collect and/or invest in a wide variety of ways, while also boosting fellow creators and the UREEQA model in general.

Want an opportunity to invest in a steady stream of music pieces you feel strongly about in the coming months? This is your entry point!

Remember, if you’re already a token holder, we need you to vote here to allow UREEQA to access a portion of tokens in the Community Enrichment Program to enable this initiative to come to life.

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UREEQA’s revolutionary platform utilizes blockchain and patent-pending technology to help creators protect, manage and monetize their creations. The platform is reinventing IP protection and monetization via a Package of ProofTM, which validates the authenticity, originality and authorship of any piece of creative work.

Established in Canada in 2020, UREEQA offers protection to creators that has until now been practically non-existent in the digital space but is desperately needed to fight piracy and fraud, and to encourage mainstream customers to consider purchasing digital assets.

Online marketplaces, internet service providers and even copyright organizations could avail themselves of UREEQA’s gold-standard, one-of-a-kind validation service by simply plugging that functionality into their systems. This would enable UREEQA to adopt a business-to-business model, offering Validation-as-a-Service (VaaS) to organizations around the world.

Additionally, UREEQA’s music publishing service leverages a top-drawer rights and content management platform and bundles that utility with UREEQA’s gold-standard IP protection service to empower songwriters and composers and ensure they are compensated efficiently and fairly. The platform invests in emerging musical creators who enroll in the service, and it puts a portion of those proceeds into UREEQA’s Emerging Creator Fund (ECF), resulting in financial benefits for all UREEQA token holders.

UREEQA provides value and opportunities for its creators, validators and token holders via URQA, the token at the heart of the UREEQA ecosystem.

For more information on UREEQA and upcoming announcements, please visit our website, join our Telegram channel and Discord server, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.


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