UREEQA Validating all 2,022 NFTs in Upcoming Women of Venusverse Genesis Collection

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4 min readApr 12, 2022


For the first time ever, UREEQA is set to validate an entire NFT collection. And we couldn’t think of a better partner for the task than our friends and neighbors at Venusverse — an organization designed to give women insight into the world of Web3.

Canada’s first female-founded, female-focused organization is launching a groundbreaking new NFT collection that pays homage to women worldwide, and we’ll be providing the full run of 2,022 NFTs with a shiny Package of Proof™ so that buyers and sellers can be assured they’re not being taken advantage of in the wild and still untrustworthy NFT space.

The Women of Venusverse Genesis Collection of 2,022 NFTs is beautiful, eclectic and diverse, representing women from across the world, bringing them all together under one collection.

The drop is due to take place on April 19, 2022 on the Opensea marketplace.

Ten percent of revenue from the collection will be donated to the CivicAction Leadership Foundation in support of women in that organization’s leadership programs, including the DiverseCity Fellows and the Emerging Leaders Network.

Collectors who buy into the collection will gain membership access to the Venusverse community, and they’ll also be granted peace of mind thanks to UREEQA.

THEMUSEUM’s CEO, David Marskell, introduced the two startups and asked both CEOs to serve on a recent panel with Museums Canada. It’s only fitting that THEMUSEUM will be hosting the Women of Venusverse launch event in May at their Voodoo Lounge followed by an exhibit.

“Since I decided to go this route, I knew that the provenance and the authenticity of the collection was so important, especially given the amount of scams that are happening right now,” Venusverse co-founder/CEO Janelle Chalouhi said. “I needed the collection to essentially have a digital signature, which is why we’ve partnered with UREEQA to validate and authenticate the art, and to make the collection even more exclusive.”

“Not only is this UREEQA’s first opportunity to validate an entire NFT collection, but it also represents a chance for us to team up with a platform that shares similar values,” UREEQA CEO Kirk Fergusson said. “Both UREEQA and Venusverse are focused on launching and supporting art that is honest and authentic, and the best way to provide that assurance to a buyer is by having the work validated. We are thrilled to provide that for the 2,022 collection.”

A global network of validators will use UREEQA’s platform and technology to analyze the authenticity of the full collection. At the end of the validation process, a Package of Proof™ will be generated which documents all the steps taken by UREEQA and its validation team to verify the authenticity of the work. The key information is made available on a provenance page, which is contained in the Venusverse website, providing an easy-to-use resource for prospective NFT buyers to verify the authenticity of a creation of interest.

And because key information about the creative work’s authenticity is stored in a record on the blockchain, drop-day purchasers and those who buy the validated work on resale can be assured that they’re getting the legit product, no matter when or where they’re jumping in.


The UREEQA platform strives to protect creators’ work, their rights and their revenue by harnessing the power of blockchain technology.

Established in Canada in 2020, UREEQA is modernizing the inefficient and bureaucratic systems currently in place for copyright protection. By building a robust and compelling Package of Proof™ for source creative work, UREEQA only mints Validated NFTs to represent creative rights. This helps keep buyers safe by giving them confidence that the work they are purchasing was minted by the smart contract approved by the creator of the work and is therefore authentic.

UREEQA provides value and opportunities for its creators, validators and token holders via URQA, the token at the heart of the UREEQA ecosystem.

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Venusverse is Canada’s first female-founded, female-focused educational program, incubator and NFT collection. Through awareness, education, thought leadership and a supportive community, Venusverse removes barriers to entry for women in the world of Web3.

Website: www.venusverse.ca

Instagram: @venus_verse

LinkedIn: Venusverse

Twitter: @venusverse_ca


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For additional information, please contact: David.Marskell@THEMUSEUM.ca


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