UREEQA’s New Music Publishing Admin Business Launches with Trending Canadian Singer/Songwriter Maggie Szabo

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3 min readNov 12, 2021


After several months of exhaustive work behind the scenes, the UREEQA team is bringing its innovative new music publishing administration service to songwriters and composers around the world. And we’re excited to announce that the program’s first enrollee is trending Canadian singer/songwriter Maggie Szabo.

Szabo, whose hit single “My Oh My” is in heavy rotation on radio stations throughout the country and has cracked the top 30 on the Canada Hot AC chart, is thrilled to be a part of a revolutionary endeavor that will marry music and the blockchain to benefit creators worldwide.

“I’ve always had a fascination with crypto, and UREEQA has managed to bridge the gap between music and blockchain technology,” Szabo said. “Through their new platform I actually hash the copyright for the music I write, which protects me against piracy. As an indie artist and songwriter, protecting my rights has always been very important to me and I love encouraging other artists to make sure they are handling their business properly.”

Music creators who enroll in the program won’t just benefit from the increased security associated with hashing their intellectual property on the platform, they’ll also gain the ability to utilize a growing array of features and functions available exclusively to UREEQA clients. See the full details here bit.ly/UREEQAMPA.

“Blockchain technology is still such a new concept for many people and can be quite difficult to understand,” added Szabo. “Put simply, by hashing my songs on UREEQA’s blockchain, my work is protected against infringement.”

In the spirit of bolstering Szabo’s marketing fund, the platform has acquired a stake in the master of “My Oh My” — an acquisition that should benefit the entire UREEQA community as both song and artist continue to flourish.

“Maggie Szabo embodies the concept behind UREEQA and our MPA service,” UREEQA CEO Kirk Fergusson said. “We’re honored that she has chosen to put such a critical piece of her career and future in our hands, and we know the best is yet to come for both her and the UREEQA community.”

If you’re a musical creator and you want in, head to UREEQA.com now. While you’re at it, listen to Maggie’s music on Spotify.


The UREEQA platform strives to protect Creators’ work, their rights and their revenue by harnessing the power of blockchain technology.

Established in Canada in 2020, UREEQA is modernizing the inefficient and bureaucratic systems currently in place for copyright, patent, industrial design and trademark protection. By building a robust and compelling Package of Proof™ for source creative work, UREEQA only mints Validated NFTs™ to represent creative rights. This helps keep buyers safe by giving them confidence that the work they are purchasing was minted by the smart contract approved by the Creator of the work and is therefore authentic.

UREEQA provides value and opportunities for its Creators, Validators and Token holders via URQA, the token at the heart of the UREEQA ecosystem.

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