Goodbye, friend.

Inspired by Paramore’s new album “After Laughter” and its lyrics, as well as a need to reach closure, I decided to write this.

It’s been so long since we last spoke.

And it’s been so long since I last called you my best friend…

I still remember the days we used to share, the laughs we couldn’t hold and the trouble we faced.

I still remember how incompatible we were in so many things, and how that wasn’t an issue for us to be partners.

I can’t seem to let go of the memories that we shared but that are not right for me to hold anymore, at least not in the way I do. They started dying the moment we grew apart.

I feel guilty for letting you go, but also for tearing you apart.

I don’t even know how you felt back then and if you still remember me.

I know though, that it’s time to say goodbye even if you won’t even hear my farewell.

Cause I’ve been holding this for too long, and I can’t seem to come to peace, so I’m hoping this is it.

You were the one I ran to when I was feeling lonely, when I just wanted to go through life while we discovered the perks and dangers of it.

You were the one who made me feel like I had a second home.

You were the one person who I could be real with, and you took me like that.

Yet here we are, where all those things are dead.

And although I have been mourning such death for so long, I have to move on and try my best to be thankful.

Now I know that I don’t miss you, but the idea of you. Now I understand you were not right for me anymore, and that I wasn’t right for you anymore.

Your reflection doesn’t have your face anymore, it is a dark and lonely spot that keeps hope alive towards someone else to fill or mend it.

In the meantime, this is my final goodbye, my friend.

Thank you.

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