Dev Blog #1 — We cancelled Timelie …and remake it

Happy new year! You might be wonder where is the Timelie? Imagine Cup was held at the end of July of the last year, but where is the game? We have something to confess.

“We started from scratch — again”

The current build of Timelie is have nothing to do with the build from Imagine Cup. It’s not share any line of code from its predecessor, not even an asset art is shared between both builds. We just developed an entirely new game in November 2016. In another word, we are back to square one. because we realized that

Make a game for competition is not the same as for market.

This project started as a senior project. We submitted it to various contests, nationals and internationals. It was our first experience in game development and we barely know anything about it.

In a competition, there are milestones or deadline to keep us(or force us) deliver a project on time and that’s a 2 sided-sword. Because of it, We did anything that we can to bring the game on time and we finally got a good tech demo with a horrible code behind it.

Not only that, After the competition and graduation, We decided to make a game as a professional but the truth is not that easy. We knew nothing about business and management and we have to learn about that while making a game.

And as I said earlier, the game was just a tech demo to show its concept it’s not a full-fledged game that have a real story or cutscene and all of its levels are just a mock up.

Moreover, we got a lot of feedback from players and testers and we took comments from professionals in the industry. We are aware its flaw and its issues to add.

Because all of this we redesigned our game to add more contents and fix its flaws, but its horrible code is not letting us to have an easy way to go. It’s almost impossible to add more feature to the game and if we have to fix the code, it would cost us a lot of time.

So we decided to rebuild it from scratch rather than make a big pile of spaghetti. It was a hard decision for us and nobody knew is it going to work, but we just do it.

We took this opportunity to redesign the game to be more appropriate to the platform and market, so we have a new gameplay, a new story and a whole new graphic to make Timelie a best game possible.

It’s been a month for us, but the result and progress are really good. We are excited to show you our new-Timelie soon :D.

Timelie is planned to release in 2017 as a multiplatform game.

Before I go. I would like to share you our new concept art for the game. Sa was dee pi mai~

See you next time ;p. Don’t forget to follow us on Fanpage /TimelieGame.

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