Hello Medium, From new Thai indie game dev!

Say hi Medium from us, PH21!

I’m on the center of the pic.

The Above picture is not a screenshot from the new Final Fantasy game. We might look like a boy band, but we are a new indie game studio from Thailand, PH21!

I’m James, community director and your writer (and game designer …and so on). We are grads that just formed a team to develop videogame in Thailand. We are currently developing “Timelie” an innovative puzzle game that won the World Championship in Games Category from Imagine Cup 2016, software competition held by Microsoft annually at Seattle.

Yeah, I realize that there’s no ’N’ word in our title (no pun intended).

What da heck is Timelie?

There’s no better way to describe our game than this below clip.

Thanks Microsoft for making us looks professional! lol

Okay James, your game looks cool! But I really don’t get it.

Well, Imagine if Transistor, Lara Croft Go, Metal Gear Solid, Life is Strange and YouTube given birth to a baby that would be Timelie.

It’s a stealth puzzle game that you can easily access to the time of the game with ‘Timeline’ just like a seek bar of your favorite media player or Youtube.

So you can rewind the time at your will and you can change what you did in the past to change the outcome.

That’s mean you really can’t die in this game. If you fail, just rewind and change the past to have your satisfying outcome.

Uh ..James, “Rewind the time”? meh. Every game has done that like a million times! And that’s not even a puzzle game!!

We give you ‘Timeline’ to not only access to the past. but also to access to the future! Player can look into the future and acknowledge any movement of the enemy beforehand like a hero from sci-fi movie!

You know what’s going to happen, but how are you going to deal with that knowledge? How are you going to survive in that circumstance? That’s the core of our puzzle and our game, Timelie.

Why Medium?

To keep our fans an update, and to let them know that we are still alive, lol. We decided to have our own Dev Blog to update every progress …weekly! (I will do my best! lol)

And we chose Medium because our handsome programmer said so. It looks nice and all…. And that’s it. lol

We are excited and looking forward to see you in our next update here!

Last but not least

If you are interested in Timelie or us ….or me? You can follow us here and our Facebook fan page



or Twitter @ph21_studio . (It’s still a wasteland atm)

So stay tune and thanks for reading! :D

Khob-khun krub!

Parimeth ‘James’ Wongsatayanon, Community Director and Game Designer at PH21 Studio.

Urnique Studio

New indie game studio from Thailand.

Urnique Studio

New indie game studio from Thailand.

Parimeth Wongsatayanon

Written by

Game Designer at PH21 Studio

Urnique Studio

New indie game studio from Thailand.