Timelie:Omen — Public hand-ons Impressions

Last month, ‘Chula Expo’ and ‘NITAD17' exhibitions was held at the Chulalongkorn University to show innovations from all of its faculties to all Thai people as a big grand event.

Luckily, We had a chance to have our own booth at the event.

For the first time, Timelie: Omen was playable for the public!

You can listen to their opinions on this below clip! (We have an English subtitle, so don’t worry :D)

It was a very big week for us to have so many people played our game and gave some feedbacks. For having a chance to see people enjoy the game closely is surely a great opportunity for us. I would like to thank you all the people who visited our booth from the bottom of my heart.

Kamin, your next writer!

In the truth, the processes behind the demo is very interesting.

So, we decided to write some Dev blogs as a mini-series that is going to cover the story how to get that ‘NITAD’ demo.

Kamin, our artist will be responsible for writing that down so please be excited! :D

For more details

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Khob-khun krub!.

Urnique Studio

New indie game studio from Thailand.

Urnique Studio

New indie game studio from Thailand.