How to Extend the Saudi Exit/Re-Entry Visa of a Dependent in Pakistan

Note: This is a group discussion; it has been shared to give hints on how to Extend the Exit/Re-Entry Visa of a Dependent.

NK: Assalamualikum, is there any way to apply for Exit/Re-Entry of a dependent, where return date is after Iqama expiry date?

IA: after exit reentry expiry u can get a new visa without tension from Pak in Rs 9,000

NK: I have read on many websites that iqama can be renewed even when the dependent is not in KSA, I am wondering how this is possible

WM: Yes iqama will renew but exit rentry can not

NK: IA: new visa means for new Iqama or its new Exit/Re-Entry Visa? So in any case dependent has to be back in KSA b4 Iqama expires, so Iqama Renewal won’t help in anyway

I read that extension can be applied through Saudi embassy in Pak but it didn’t look an easy process

AJ: IA has gone through all the process. He is the best to guide you in this regard

GA: We will get exit reentry visa till iqama expiry date. After that if your iqama will renew, exit reentry will not extend automatically on the basis of this renewal. Now if you want to extend reentry visa as well, there is a process at Etimad center. You need some documents and letter from your kafeel.

IA: exit reentry extension is a separate visa type with same iqama, its easy process, need 3 letters from company and Etimad center know all abt it too, iqama can be renewed if family is in Pak even

NK: JazakAllah khair for this valuable info

H: JazakAllah khair for this valuable info


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 August 05, 2016 at 06:43PM

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