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urspace: making the internet a better place, one personal site at a time.

We interviewed at Y Combinator a few months ago. This is the idea that got us there.

(or at least part of the idea…we’ll share the rest with you later ;)


Getting a job in the tech sphere as an engineer, designer, product manager, creative, or even business development rep is really difficult these days. The market is saturated and everyone is trying to break in…networking, cold-emailing, resume sharing…it’s a hustle we all know too well. So. How do you stand out?

Have a personal website.

A personal website can showcase your skills and experiences in a way that your resume can’t. All your redesigns, case studies, web apps, mobile apps, hacks, and experiences can be displayed however you want on your personal site. It’s your portfolio, your body of work. Your site can be stylish, personable, and humanistic to reflect who you are as a person. It builds your credibility amongst employers and peers, while also allowing viewers to delve into your projects.

But how do you make a website? Web dev is…hard. It’s tedious, frustrating, and difficult to get a simple page to look just right — assuming you even have the time and the programming skills to build the thing from scratch. Without the coding experience, you’re likely to spend money and whole days dealing with a WYSIWYG like Squarespace or Wix. In other words, you’re paying to use the MS Paint of web dev. On top of it all, do you have the eye to know what looks good on the internet and what doesn’t?

Paul Graham, Co-Founder of Y Combinator’s personal website of essays 😵


We’re making urspace to alleviate all those pains that come with making a site.

Urspace is a website builder that makes (really cool) personal websites from your already existing professional accounts. We know that platforms like LinkedIn, Github, and Behance are now industry standards; and recruiters use them to vet competence and skill levels. Most of us keep these profiles up to date with new projects, positions, and experiences, so instead of going through the same motions and typing the same words when putting together your personal website, urspace will do it for you.

With one click, we pull all your experiences and projects and throw it onto a domain to make it look like this:

We recognized that the editing process on a WYSIWYG is painful, overwhelming, and intimidating. They only have a single editing platform and it’s hard to know where to start, especially if you’ve chosen one of their pre-made, pre-filled templates.

The editing dashboard for a Wix template

Urspace has two editing platforms, one for content and one for design, making it easier to focus on writing your story, and then displaying it when you’re ready. We’re prioritizing the process of adding and editing your own portfolio, creating our product around you.

After linking a Github account, urspace pulls the whole project portfolio and previews it like this, with cards for each project.

Projects Dashboard

We’re building our product specifically for input from platforms like LinkedIn, Github, and Behance, so we’ll be accurate in filling in your portfolio and information (gone are the days of re-typing and correcting bad AI’s and autofills 🎉).

A Github Project

You’ll be able to edit any default content and add new projects and experiences using a consistent interface.

New Project Modal
Editing a Project

You’ll then be able to preview your work on a selected template and edit as you please. Our templates can be your starting point and inspiration so you can skillfully edit your site the way you like. They’re based off of leading digital product designers with thoughtful design and functionality. We think if we show makers examples of pretty things, the creativity comes easily.

Our product and our flow make it easy to create a personal website for the next generation of creators, and we’re excited to share our product with you all. Because while everyone’s sending in pieces of paper with bullet points, you can send your shiny new digital portfolio.

We’re getting to launch real soon, and you can sign up for beta at urspace.io! We’ll notify you when your site is ready to go.

Have questions, feedback, or just want to be friends? Leave a comment or send us a note at hi@urspace.io. We’d love to know what platforms you’d like to integrate and any other ideas!




Let us make ur website

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Emily Chung

Emily Chung

Co-founder at urspace: making the internet a better place one personal site at a time. Lover of coffee and new ideas, studying Economics at UCLA.

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