Iranian Nuclear Talks Are Pushed Back—How does this impact the Iranian entrepreneur?

Agreement for Iran’s Nuclear talks has been set for March 1, 2015, yet again delayed another several months… However, hope is not lost. In fact, inflation has dropped to 25 percent from 42 percent a year ago while the currency has been stable after a long period of decline. While Iran does experience more brain drain than any other Middle Eastern nation, they still have a well-educated population and the infrastructure to support and maintain this for generations to follow…. This is in large part credited to institutions like Sharif University of Technology — which was founded by my great-grandfather, the late Dr. Mohammad Ali Mojtahedi☺ — is renowned for its focus on technology as it hosts over 14 schools in science and engineering and offering majors in engineering ranging from computer engineering to the more exotic disciplines of Petroleum Engineering and Chemical Engineering.

Dr. Mohammad Ali Mojtahedi Gilani, founder of Sharif University of Technology & my great-grandfather

Not to mention, Sharif boasts an impressive and continuously growing alumni network including recent mathematics Nobel Prize winner Maryam Mirzakhani! The reason why I make it a point to highlight the extent to which the Iranian population prioritizes its depth of learning in all technical disciplines is because this is what anchors a technologically advanced society, and to put it blunt, Iran has not been granted the opportunity to grow and advance their society & economy.

Circling back with how this correlates with Iran’s nuclear ambitions and the connection is undeniable. If Iran is willing to reach an agreement, achieve nuclear power, and have their economy comprehensively re-integrated & free of sanctions for the first time in over thirty years, then the opportunity for foreign investment in the Iranian entrepreneur will be more promising than ever before… And hopefully partnership between the West, Israel and Iran will follow with all parties reaping economic benefits.

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