USA TODAY: A Genuine Network

A day in the life of a USA TODAY NETWORK intern: where do I start? Should I touch on the multiple internal projects I am overseeing? Should I describe the meetings where I’m able to both sit in AND share my opinion? Should I detail the events I’ve attended? Or should I talk about the motivated group of employees that surround me?

My experience at USA TODAY’s New York office has been everything I thought it would be and more. Granted, this summer is my first time being in New York City, and everything I’m experiencing is different compared to my prior Midwest lifestyle.

So, what exactly do I do every day as a strategic marketing intern? Well, as you can probably guess, every day is different. No one day is the same. Now you’re probably thinking: yes, everyone says that about their job. While that may be true, every day this summer has been quite different, a perk that makes it much easier to wake up and hop on the subway every morning.

While I work very closely with our office’s Marketing Manager, I directly report to Nakea Tyson (Project Manager) who is responsible for the B2B side of our Creative Marketing Department. That being said, she has passed on some of her responsibilities to me, including:

· Scheduling and running meetings to kick off a project — answering any questions and clarifying any confusion with the creative team

· Acting as the liaison between the client and creative team

· Delivering the finished product (advertisement, presentation, piece, etc.) to the client

In addition to project management tasks, I have been working on other in-house campaigns such as A Community Thrives, our enterprise-wide corporate social responsibility program, and our newsletter campaign. One of the best parts about interning here is that you’re not treated like a stereotypical intern. There’s no random errands, no coffee runs, etc. You are truly involved in projects that make a difference.

What about those events I mentioned? Within the first three weeks, I have already attended two large-scale events. I had the opportunity to visit Google’s headquarters, where I learned all about search engine optimization, digital marketing trends and website design. As if being at Google wasn’t enough, I attended a virtual reality industry event the following week. The public relations team and I had a great time promoting our virtual reality content and we had the chance to experience other companies’ VR as well.

Although attending events is fun and all, it’s not something I do every week. Spending time in the office and working alongside my team has given me knowledge I will use in my future career and everyday life. Researching emerging trends, formulating tactics, and presenting my findings to our marketing team has provided me with greater insight than I would have ever expected.

Additionally, one of my favorite parts of the intern experience is the “Lunch and Learn” program, a series of weekly lunches where all of the interns and a selected employee spend the hour together to better understand the business, ask questions and receive advice.

The employees are empathetic and extremely passionate about their jobs, an aspect which I have found comforting as it shows the true importance of your work. On a national level, USA TODAY is much more than a newspaper — it’s a network of publishers. This same network feel is evident on a micro-level as our team is a tight-knit group who is efficient, enthusiastic and always eager to help.

Every day is new. Every day is different. Every day is a learning experience.

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