Manga Rock — Usability Test

I am a big manga fan and i use Manga rock everyday.
This mobile application could access different manga sites that will make your reading easier without going to different sites. But, just like any great product, there is still room for improvement.


Identify usability issues and pain points of Manga rock with 10 essential tasks.
Test tasks:

1.) Select sources
2.)Search a manga
3.)Filter search preference
4.)toggle view of list of results (grid/thumbnail)
5.)Choose a manga
6.)Select Chapter
7.)Discover related manga of the chosen manga
8.)Favorite manga
9.)Download chapter
10.)Change application settings


To gather the data needed I had a person test the application.

Task 1 : Select Sources
The test subject successfully selected the source(s) of the his/her chosen manga

Task 2, Task 3 : Search a Manga and filter search preference
The test subject successfully searched a manga by filtering the search preference option.

Task 5 ,6 , 7 ,8 ,9
The user successfully chosen a manga , selected a chapter, discovered related manga(s), has chosen his/her favorite manga(s) and downloaded its chapter to his/her device.

Task 4, Task 10
The user successfully changed the application setting including the view preference option.


Issue 1 :

There is a number at the right side of the screen when searching a manga.
which you cant click and does nothing.

Solution : Remove all the unnecessary numbers on the right side of the manga selection.

Issue 2

There are limited sources in English language.
Most of the time i can’t find the chapter that i’m looking for because there is no source.

Solution : Add more sources on preferences menu for the user can easily locate their chosen manga.

Issue 3 : There are unnecessary system settings on the settings options

Solution: Remove the max number of connections with wifi because it does nothing.

by: Tyrone Yang
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