Usability Testing
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Usability Testing: iHome + Sleep

by: Justin Francis L. Toral

As a student with a loads of subject everyday that sometimes starts very early as 7:30 am and ends at 9:00 pm. Waking up early is very crucial to survive college. The alarm app that helps me go up from bed every morning is the iHome + Sleep mobile application. Like every app iHome + Sleep application needs more improvements and more details about it’s features, because honestly speaking the only thing I understand in this app is how to use the alarm.


What: iHome + Sleep mobile app

Identify all the faulty and great designs and features of the application when setting up alarms, deleting alarms, snoozing, activating and deactivating alarms.

Test tasks:

  1. Set up Alarm(s).
  2. Editing Alarm Settings.
  3. Activate Alarm(s).
  4. Snoozing.
  5. Deactivating Alarm(s).
  6. Deleting Alarm(s).
  7. Using the Stats Log.
  8. Using Weather feature.
  9. Using the reminders feature.
  10. Setting up the display options.


To gather the data needed I had a person test the application.

Task 1, task 2 and task 6: Set up and edit an alarm.

The test subject successfully set up, edited and deleted an alarm.

Task 3, task 4 and task 5: Activating an alarm, putting it to snooze and deactivating an alarm.

The test subject successfully activated the alarm then once the alarm triggered he/she successfully put it in snooze mode then once it triggered again he/she successfully deactivated it.

Task 7: Using the stats log.

The user failed to optimize the usage of the stats log because he/she doesn't know what it is for.

Task 8: Using Weather feature.

The test subject successfully viewed the weather feature of the application.

Task 9: Using reminders feature.

The test subject have successfully added a reminder in the application.

Task 10: Setting up the display options.

The user have successfully changed the background of the application to his/her choice and he/she also successfully cleared the background of the application.


Issue 1

The option windows are in landscape while the app itself is in portrait view.

It is annoying that every time you set up and alarm or just even access any option window, you need to tilt your device in landscape view in order for you read the options.


Just use one viewing mode at a time. If the app uses portrait view, then use portrait view for the option window.

Issue 2

The device needs to be remain opened to use the alarm.

The app drains much more power of the device when the app is in use because you can’t lock or put the device on sleep mode when you wan’t the alarm to trigger.


Make the alarm feature of the app usable even if the device is on sleep or lock mode.

Issue 3

The stats log is editable.

The tester don’t know what’s the purpose of the stats log if the stats itself can be changed by the user.


Don’t let the user change the stats log of the app to have more accurate reading of the users sleeping habit.

Issue 4

The reminders are not noticeable.

For users, the purpose of the reminders is the remind us about things. But in this app the reminders are somewhat hidden in the settings.


Make the reminder feature more noticeable and make them to pop up in a certain time and day the user wants.

Issue 5

What does these buttons do?

The user don’t know what does the music icon in the button of the weather section does because when he/she clicked them nothing happens.


Remove the buttons if it does nothing or put more information about what it is or what it is for.

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