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Three Zone Navigation System

Introducing the Three Zone Navigation System, an intuitive navigation design system for apps and websites.

What if all apps and websites had a similar navigation system? It would be much more intuitive, as you don’t have to spend time on figuring out how to use a new service.

You are probably using the Three Zone Navigation System in many apps and websites already, without thinking about it.

The three zones are:

  1. App Zone
  2. User Zone
  3. Help Zone

The App Zone is located in the left-top corner. This is where you typically have a hamburger menu and navigation menu for the different parts of your app.

The User Zone is located in the left-right corner. This is where you have user profile, account and billing, etc.

The third zone is the Help Zone, located in the bottom-right corner. This is typically just a chat box as made mainstream by Intercom etc. This is where you reach when you need help.

Codepen of Three Zone Navigation System in action

See this codepen to see the Three Zone Navigation System in action.

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