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Wemoove: The Future of Lagos Public Transit — Research & Proposed Solutions (Part 1 of 3)

An attempt at redesigning the Lagos public transit experience.

The Problem

Photo from YNaija- Bus Conductor calling in passengers
Photo from — Passengers waiting for BRT bus

My What If Moment

User Research

Some screenshots from the thread

When you understand the user’s perspective, you make products better suited to them.


Femi Akande — Primary Persona 1
Cynthia Agbor — Primary Persona 2
Usman Muhammed — Secondary Persona

Identifying the problems that your users need to be solved is a very crucial step.

Finding Solutions

1. Traffic

2. Information

3. Fares and Payments

4. High Inconvenience

There is never one solution, it’s always a range of solutions, so sometimes it’s good to have a plan b for every situation.


Introducing Wemoove



Conversations about usability and user experience design

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