8 Ways USAID Promotes and Protects Democracy, Human Rights and Governance Around the World

Read about programs in Somalia, South Sudan, Nigeria, Mexico, Bangladesh, Kenya and Burma

In Somaliland’s 2017 presidential election, with USAID support, women such as these played critical roles as voters, poll workers, and political party agents. This photo was a finalist in the 2018 USAID/Democracy, Human Rights and Governance photo contest. / Jim Huylebroek for Creative Associates International

1. Mitigating Conflict and Fostering Reconciliation

Mohamed Abdullah Adan, Pact (first place winner)

2. Ensuring Access to Life-Saving Information

Internews (second place winner)

3. Encouraging Voter Participation

Jim Huylebroek, Creative Associates International (third place winner)

4. Capturing Resilience and Diversity

Chris McMorrow for USAID’s Office of Transition Initiatives (finalist)

5. Families of the Disappeared Seek Truth and Justice

Germán Canseco, Revista Proceso (finalist)

6. Rallying Against Gender-Based Violence at Work

Musfiq Tajwar, Solidarity Center (finalist)

7. Responding to Violence Against Women in Elections

Carla Chianese, IFES (finalist)

8. Taking Action to Stop Human Trafficking

IOM X (finalist)

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Jessica Benton Cooney

Jessica Benton Cooney is the Senior Communications and Outreach Specialist for USAID’s Center for Democracy, Human Rights and Governance.