Conflict, Climate Crisis & COVID-19

Honoring humanitarians who deliver aid despite increasing needs and threats

Last year alone, at least 475 aid workers were killed, injured, or kidnapped — a 90 percent increase since 2010. Source: Aid Worker Security Database

Climate Crisis

Julia Marango, CARE Vanuatu Resilience Manager. / CARE
Vanuatu’s coastal communities are particularly vulnerable to the devastating effects of increasingly intense hurricanes. Aid workers at USAID partner CARE support shelter rehabilitation in South Pentecost. / CARE
According to Caritas Antilles Community Engagement Officer Angelique Fitz Patrick: “The hurricanes have become more frequent and powerful, causing irreparable damage to lives and livelihood located along the coastal areas.” / Caritas Antilles
William Sosa faced increased temperatures and heavy rains, during the pandemic, as he continued to visit farmers to monitor the soil moisture status and recommend best practices so that farmers could harvest and sell in the midst of the pandemic. / CRS


Unprecedented rates of attacks against aid workers are making delivering aid harder than ever. / Jacquie Frazier, USAID
In drought-stricken southern Madagascar, rivers are the main water source for thousands of people. The drought is drying up riverbeds leaving many without water. People and animals depend on underground water sources, which can be unhealthy and stagnant. / Sedera Ramanitra, CRS Madagascar
Aman Desta


USAID partners educate communities on ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19, despite the increased risk this work could have on their own health. / World Vision Ecuador; ADRA Fiji
In the midst of conflict, Dr. Al-Qazzaz & Nurse Hazim are working with USAID partner International Medical Corps to provide critical healthcare services, train COVID-19 frontline workers and help Iraqis stay healthy during the pandemic.



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