Generating Hope

A new focus on opportunities and good governance for citizens of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras

A greenhouse at the Modern Agriculture Center for Prosperity and Opportunity (CAMPO) in Guatemala. USAID and Agropecuaria Popoyan, a Guatemalan agribusiness, set up the center to offer small-scale farmers — including many who are returned migrants — training on modern agricultural practices. / Benjamin Ilka, USAID

1. You’re the executive director of USAID’s recently activated Northern Triangle Task Force. What is its mission?

2. Why are people leaving El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras?

USAID is helping Honduran farmers adapt to challenges like prolonged drought, flooding, and lack of crop variety that have led to food insecurity in the Dry Corridor of Honduras. / USAID

3. These are chronic challenges, and something that President Biden worked on when he was vice president. What is different about USAID’s approach this time?

After learning about USAID training in computer programming on social media, Marlon decided to participate. He is now building a good life in El Salvador with a job at GBM, Latin America’s subsidiary of IBM. / USAID

4. Corruption is a perennial challenge in the region, and something that undermines progress in every other area. How is USAID tackling this issue?

Natanael participated in a USAID program providing at-risk youth in Honduras with training and access to jobs. He became a successful barista, building a better future for his family at home. / USAID-Empleando Futuros

5. What do you hope to see as a result of USAID’s efforts?

The people of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras deserve better. They deserve to live in peace and security. To have an opportunity to provide for their loved ones. To have recourse to a government that advances their interests and is responsive to their needs.

In short, to have a hopeful future in their own countries.

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