Islands of Resilience

USAID partners with island nation Kiribati to address the climate crisis

Pelenise Alofa and her team advocate and mobilize for climate change adaptation. / Photo courtesy of Live & Learn

“The most vulnerable countries need help. Because climate change is our problem, we continue to advocate for action on climate change,” she said.

USAID supported cooking demonstrations to help ensure proper nutrition during the COVID-19 pandemic. / Photo courtesy of Live & Learn

A Lasting Partnership

“Now, Kiribati is in another war. It is a climate change war that we did not create. Just like in the 1940s, we need to fight this war together, so small island states like ours survive.” — Pelenise

USAID partnered with Pelenise and her Live & Learn team to train more than 1,300 people to start keyhole gardens, which can better withstand the impacts of climate change. / Photo courtesy of Live & Learn

“The aim of these projects is for people to adapt so they can remain in Kiribati,” Pelenise said. “I can’t just get up and leave my island and go. I’m grateful to USAID for helping us be resilient so we can stay in our own country.”

Hope on the Horizon

“A solution is not on a tree or in the ocean. The solution is with us: humans. If we work together, we can adapt, learn to be resilient, and stop the problem,” she said.

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