Kicking Polio Out of Africa

Celebrating a historic milestone

A child receives a polio vaccine at a health center in Ishaka Mberare, Uganda. / Kate Holt, MCSP
A community health worker prepares to administer polio vaccines to a family in rural Madagascar. / Samy Rakontoniaina, USAID

“Considering that as many as one-third of South Sudan’s population has been displaced internally and as refugees in neighboring countries since conflict erupted in December 2013, eradicating wild poliovirus is a major accomplishment that highlights years of dedication by health workers in South Sudan and across Africa.”

— USAID South Sudan Mission Director Haven Cruz-Hubbard

Learn about the numerous contributors who worked together to achieve this milestone for Africa:

A health technician surrounded by laboratory equipment makes a note in a polio lab in Kenya. / Ellyn Ogden, USAID
Women and their children wait to receive vaccinations and care at the Women and Children Welfare Hospital in Sokoto, Nigeria. The polio vaccine is one of three routine immunizations children receive. / Karen Kasmauski, MCSP
Kenyan Senator Harold Kipchumba, a polio survivor, gives the polio vaccine to a child and reflects on his experience. “Just two drops. This is what I didn’t have.” / UNICEF
A young boy gets ready to receive a polio vaccine in Mwene-Ditu, DRC. / Management Sciences for Health



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