Mosquitoes Don’t Social Distance

Continuing the fight against malaria during the COVID-19 pandemic

Life-saving malaria work continues in Guinea and 26 other PMI partner countries. / USAID StopPalu+
Seasonal malaria chemoprevention campaigns continue in Benin and eight other PMI countries under new safety protocols. / Fortune Challa, USAID Benin
A logistic management adviser delivers nets at Saclepea Comprehensive Health Center in Nimba County, Liberia. / USAID

Rapid Adaptations

Insecticide spray operators in Uganda being trained during COVID-19. / Daniel Eninu, PMI VectorLink
Frontline workers take precautions to keep them safe while they continue to provide health services in their communities. / USAID StopPalu+
Communicating safely with communities in the midst of COVID-19 remains a priority for USAID. / USAID StopPalu+
Repackaging medication in Cameroon in advance of this year’s seasonal malaria chemoprevention campaign. / Tewuh Fomunyam

Looking Ahead

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