Opening New Worlds to Young Readers on International Literacy Day

Check out USAID’s read-along with NASA and learn why the book’s author is enthusiastic about new paths to literacy

On International Literacy Day, USAID — one of the primary supporters of the Global Book Alliance, which has developed the library — shares highlights from its interview with Obai Al-Alloush, a Syrian poet and children’s author who lives in Turkey.

What inspired you to write Grace in Space?

Obai Al-Alloush / Photo courtesy of the author

What is it about Grace, as a character, that might inspire other children?

Why did you choose to publish your work in the Global Digital Library?

Watch USAID Administrator Samantha Power and NASA Astronaut Jessica Meir read the short, award-winning story Grace in Space about a young girl with a disability who journeys to space. The story is written by Obai Al-Alloush and illustrated by Sara Wafeeq. The book is one of many books on the open-source Global Digital Library, which is supported and managed by USAID with other donors and partners through the Global Book Alliance.

About the Book



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