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How Morocco Is Training Country’s Next Generation of Water Managers

During a visit to Germany, officials from Morocco’s water sector learn about best practices for sustainable water management. Photo credit: U.N. Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
Near Chefchaouen, in northwestern Morocco’s Rif Mountains. During times of water scarcity, melting snowpack in Morocco’s mountains has helped regulate water supply variability in downstream communities. Photo credit: Yotut

Turning the Virtual into Reality

A student testing out Aquatronics’ virtual reality training equipment. Photo credit: Aquatronics

“This gives the students the opportunity to try out the different functions in the water cycle and directly see the interaction between these functions and how to influence them.”

Boosting Employability by Breaking Down Gender and Language Barriers

Morocco’s population is expected to rise to 40 million by mid-century, placing increased pressure on the country’s freshwater supply. Photo credit: Graham Bland

Taking It to the Streets



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