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In Mali, Communities Take Health and Well-Being into their Own Hands

Tackling open defecation in communities is a starting point for improved health. Ensuring the drinking water sources are clean is another. USAID works with local artisans in communities like Anga to repair or rehabilitate artesian drilling, such as this one, as an incentive to become ODF-certified. Photo credit: CARE Mali
Improving the health outcomes of pregnant women and children in their first 1,000 days is the goal of USAID’s WASH and nutrition work in Mali. Here women join in a celebration of their Kerewane community becoming ODF certified. Photo credit: CARE Mali

Making It Local — Innovative Latrines

A USAID-trained artisan puts the finishing touches on a latrine designed for the challenging conditions of building on sandy soil. Photo credit: Save the Children Mali
Villages that become ODF certified take pride in keeping the entire village clean and healthy. Here women of Béréla participate in a scheduled weekly cleaning, which includes plastic trash removal, sweeping, and observation of open defecation violations. Photo credit: Save the Children Mali

Taking the Village Approach to Behavior Change

Adopt hygiene on a day-to-day basis and make sanitation a reality in our lives.

The soap is in the latrine!

The sumps are closed!

Our diseases have diminished!

Our drinking water is purified!



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