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Voices from the USAID Finance and Investment Network: Genesis Analytics

Genesis Analytics, an economics-based consulting firm based in South Africa, worked with USAID INVEST to help USAID Southern Africa integrate private-sector engagement into its strategic planning process. In this interview, Genesis offers advice to firms that are working with USAID for the first time.

By Kristin Kelly Jangraw, INVEST Communications Director

INVEST was designed to expand USAID’s universe of partners to mobilize private capital for better development results. It ensures that USAID can partner effectively with firms that specialize in finance and investment, regardless of whether these firms have worked with USAID before.

In some cases, INVEST brings in what USAID calls “new and underutilized partners” or “NUPs” — firms that have valuable finance expertise but have not worked extensively with USAID. Genesis Analytics is one such firm. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, it helps clients improve their decision-making. Genesis recently supported USAID Southern Africa in a key strategic-planning process, helping USAID hone a private-sector engagement approach for better, more sustainable results.

“It was my first time working with USAID, and I think most of the project team at Genesis were also new to it,” says Genesis’s Marc Dunnink, who led this engagement. “Working with INVEST was unbelievably beneficial in terms of navigating that process and facilitating it, as well as being the anchor in the relationship between Genesis and USAID South Africa.”

Check out the video below to hear more from Genesis Analytics on how new and underutilized partners can approach new projects with USAID and what it was like working with INVEST.



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