A few questions about this transgender bathroom nonsense

A few questions about this transgender bathroom nonsense our last president managed to distract the media with:

- If I commit a felony, can I demand to go to a women’s prison?
- Can male police pat down men that say they’re women, or can they demand to be frisked only by women?
- If I can change my sex just by saying so, and it’s only about “identity” as claimed by supporters, can I change my race too?
- On future applications and instances where it’d be to my advantage, can I check that I’m a female if I feel like it? American Indian, Eskimo or black?
- Is the transgender’s sex temporary? How temporary? How often can you change it back and forth? Whenever you feel like having another identity, or the situation warrants it?
- Is there a legitimate scientist alive anywhere that agrees with any of it?

The number of problems with this seems infinite. Plus it’s also a non-issue to 99.07% of Americans, who ought to be worried about larger, far more important issues anyway. The media has nothing else right now with their responsibilities being curtailed, so it’s what we’re being fed like it or not, I guess.

D. Bowie & Tilde Swinton