About That $400 mil…

The US State Department came out and said last week that the person who was issuing that rather large amount of $400 million in cash, which I believe was B Obama, was using it as “leverage” to release the 4 hostages being held. Or, for people that know how to speak plain english, a ransom.

Obama’s up on Martha’s Vineyard again for 16 days or so of vacation. Did we not get a written “receipt” for that 400 million? I mean, in the real world, when I repay someone a debt, as Obama insists this was for, there are a few things that need to happen. Acknowledgement of receiving the money is one of them. And customarily, the document would even say what that money was for. Did we not get anything like that? Or are those hostages our receipt?

His circumventing Congress once again and basically funding terrorists with ransom money that he shouldn’t be paying is probably(I hope nothing worse occurs between now and his term end) the pinnacle of his shady Chicago style tenure. What he’s done is very serious, and no one is saying boo. He’s playing golf and not even worried about it. Or much else. The media is silent. Liberals are silent. And now the people who will be killed with his ransom payment will be silent too. Amazing.

I really try not to be this type of person, but this is just too good. A guy I argue with over his dumb political stances regularly was featured on some random person’s Fail Compilation video for progressives, black lives matter, and that whole scene, which has way over 2 million views as of this writing. I won’t say who he is, but I’ll give you a hint: he lives in Virginia but his backdrop in his shot is Charleston. Nice to have some vilification. And a nice crowd to be associated with, by the way.