The Most Transparent Administration, Ever

I remember being promised that by the president; don’t you? He made a big deal about it, in fact and also promised he wouldn’t pass bills until America’s had time to read them, with some arbitrary amount of time it was supposed to sit on his desk. None of this has been true. In fact, it’s been flagrantly broken as a policy and promise.

So it shouldn’t really surprise anyone to learn of a nearly $2 billion ransom deal with Iran, payable in foreign securities, with $400 million delivered under cloak of night in an unmarked foreign plane 7 months ago. Sounds legit. Which is why no mention of it was made, except for the thin lie of it being repayment of a highly disputed debt many decades old. In the private world, that’s called “money laundering” and we have lots of people currently in prison for it. But as we’ve seen laws and federally-mandated health insurance policies aren’t for civil servants of a certain pay grade. Even if it’s funding the very terrorists we’re spending lives and massive resources fighting at the same time.

The discouraging part of it to me is that so many people are still trying to decide to vote for Hillary, an Obama appendage, and just as worthless as all his others, or Trump, who we can be sure isn’t going to go over well, even if he turned out to be a fantastic leader. “Manners” don’t matter much in the executive suite, which people don’t seem to realize. There have been lots of effective leaders who weren’t going to win any popularity contests.

But even if the presidential race was a popularity contest, people should still vote for Johnson/Weld. It’s a no-brainer for me. No one has been able to tell me ONE single good reason to vote for HillaryTrump. None. Then we have 2 very popular, very experienced and credible, and even HONEST, candidates, who have workable plans. And everyone ignores them, because they don’t want one of the other candidates to win? That’s some brainwashing.

We can be sure of one thing: no matter who wins, they can’t be any less transparent. Just equally or less than totally opaque.