Voter Fraud? What Voter Fraud?

As we thankfully draw closer to this election, the concern of voter fraud has become a focal point. Republicans are worried about it; Democrats deny it exists. Evidence that it does exist is pretty clear, so I’m not sure how even our president, who was a beneficiary of it in 2008 and 2012, can claim it’s a hoax. Then again, I don’t know how most of his claims pass anyone’s scrutiny.

Dead people, American citizens that have expatriated, you name it — all voting democrat. It happens a lot, depsite no one being prosecuted really. A few people down at the bottom of the totem pole when there’s no other choice, but overall it comes and it goes.

Wikileaks and James O’keefe are doing the complicit media’s job for them, and thankfully providing some clarity on the trash going on behind the scenes.

Of course, the people that don’t like or appreciate this activity are the ones it implicates and often flat-out names. The media is angry at Wikileaks for doing the job they’re supposed to do. Ecuador, where Julian Assange is hiding out, cut his internet access, because it doesn’t like him interfering in elections. The third paragraph of their statement is a riot, because they state they don’t like when elections are interfered with and they don’t favor any political parties. Therefore, they become intimately involved in our election and committed to helping out the Democrats.