Do you store files on the J-drive or Home drive?

OneDrive for Business has improved in nearly every aspect over the last few months and can be installed on any device, laptop or computer.

Do you store files on the J-drive (Windows-users) or Home drive (Mac-users)?

You may have noticed the J-drive/Home drive runs a little short on space at times. All Faculty and Staff members share this space collectively, so, even one large file upload can make a big impact. Luckily, removing a few files can have just as big of a positive impact.

What can I do?

With classes over and summer on the way, now is a great time to:

  • Clean-up and delete any old unneeded files
  • Backup anything important to another location…just to be safe
  • Sort and organize the files you want to keep

Where should I put my files?

J-drive/Home drive isn’t going anywhere, it’s just a little crowded. All that data isn’t going anywhere either though and we create more of it every day. At just 699GB of storage, the J-drive requires constant user management to keep it from filling up. CSD continually evaluates campus storage needs to help stave off any issues, but the challenges and costs of on-site data storage grow daily. Luckily, we have an answer!

OneDrive for Business is ready and available for all users! Earlier file limitations for Windows-users and availability issues for Mac-users are long gone. OneDrive for Business has improved in nearly every aspect over the last few months and can be installed on any device, laptop 0r computer. File size and naming limitations have been corrected and synching is now faster and rock solid.

Best of all, instead of sharing a cramping 699GB of storage with every other Faculty and Staff member, you’ll enjoy a full 1-TB (that’s 1000GB) of personal secure storage, available to you from any device. In fact, Microsoft is pushing forward with plans to offer unlimited storage for all Office 365 Education users later this summer. Storage is no longer a problem.

How can I move my files from J-drive/Home drive to OneDrive for Business?

Additional OneDrive for Business workshops will be announced in mid-May. These will be an update to the workshops held last Fall.

OneDrive Get Started and Setup: Stop by for a drop-in workshop (30-minutes or less) and learn how to use OneDrive to backup your files to the cloud. Once there, your files will be accessible from any computer or device with an internet connection.

OneDrive Permissions, Sharing and Collaboration: OneDrive for Business isn’t just for storing files, it’s also for sharing and collaboration. Learn how to properly set permissions on individual files and folders to grant read-only or edit access to the right people. Find out how to share your files and folders through email, embedded links, Yammer posts and more. Once you’ve granted coworkers access to your files, you can all work on individual files together online in real-time, any time, anywhere.

If you missed the previous workshops, check the Help Desk’s Workshops and Training page after October 15th for the new schedule.

When you’re ready to start using OneDrive, just email us to schedule an appointment. We’ll stop by and ensure your main office computer is ready for OneDrive. Sync your files. Then, we’ll even show you how to access your files from all of your other devices.