Let’s Get Deeper



1) Age: 19

2) Piercings: belly-button and ears

3) Tattoos: none — yet

4) Favorite scent: lychee

5) Zodiac: cancer


6) Favorite time of day: sunrise

7) Siblings: little sister, Izzy

8) Have you ever gone skinny dipping: yes

9) Favorite ice cream: Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey

10) A song you love to sing: Valerie

Knee Deep:

11) When was the last time you told someone you loved them: an hour ago

12) Who is your best friend and how did you meet: My best friend is Natasha and we met in homeroom

13) Do you keep a personal journal: yes, to maintain my sanity

14) When was the last time you saw your family: I last saw my parents yesterday and my sister in August

15) Have you ever been hurt by someone you thought cared about you: yes

To the Waist:

16) Have you ever hurt yourself: yes

17) What would you tell your younger self: you don’t have to overthink everything and psychoanalyze people, stop caring so much about what everybody thinks of you, don’t be afraid to be alone

18) Would you skip the bad parts of your life to be successful: no, because success doesn’t mean anything if there’s no struggle

19) Have you left behind a friendship: yes

20) Your relationship with your parents: healing

Neck Deep:

21) Biggest fear: not living life to the fullest

22) Worst experience: getting kicked out of my house

23) Do you want to get married: probably not

24) Something you dislike about yourself: how much I care about what other people think, and thus, how self-conscious and insecure I am

25) Single best decision you have made in your life so far: leaving toxic relationships

Head under Water:

26) Have you been in love: yes

27) Are you afraid of falling in love: yes

28) Have you ever had to recover after something: yes — injuries, eating disorders, depression

29) When was the last time you thought you were beautiful: Wednesday

30) How do you fall asleep: I brainstorm narratives I want to write and let my imagination flow into dreams

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