My Bic 0.5mm Pencil

I’m sitting here working through my homework with my trusty plastic pencil.

My pencil of choice is the classic Bic 0.5mm pencil, a staple in any cool middle school student’s “Five Star©” pencil case. If anyone had one of these cool, clicky pencils, they were instantly labeled as cool. While I personally had used the traditional trusty Ticonderoga pencils as an elementary school student, I decided to switch to the reliable “grown-up” pencil well right into middle school.

While many of my peers switched to the upscale clear mechanical pencil with the retractable eraser and side clicking mechanism, I found that asset to be slightly dangerous. As it was a sought-after commodity in the middle school market, I always feared for losing my trusty clear pencil.

After losing countless “upscale” pencils, I’ve switched back to my classic Bic 0.5 mm pencils. Bland enough to fly under the radar of dangerous pencil thieves but still pleasurable to write countless in class essays, the Bic pencil has always been a staple in my backpack.

While Bic pencils are currently the move in my writing activities, we shall see when my pencil habits will soon completely be switched over to the confident-infused stainless steel Zebra pen.

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