My story

Hello, I’m Roberto, one of the newest members of USC SEP (actually pledging with my fellow brothers and sisters of the Zeta Class).

I was born and raised in South America. Santa Cruz, Bolivia, to be specific. Nevertheless and curiously, I went to a German School, one of the many founded by Jewish and Nazi immigrants that came from Europe to Latin America in the last century. Even though I do not share German roots (ethnically I am a mixture from Spanish, Italian and South American Indigenous blood) much of my perspective of the world was influenced by both German and Bolivian cultures.

Since I knew the language and universities are tuition-free in Germany, I went to the University of Mannheim to study business and economics. In my 4 years there, I had to opportunity to experience the European way of living, working and the values of the European Union. I also learned Japanese for two years and took the chance to go to Japan for my semester abroad. Asia was mind-blowing, and so the social norms and the Asian way of thinking made me recognize the similarity of the Western societies I had lived in.

Last summer I graduated with a B.S. and moved to Los Angeles to start my career in the industries I am passionate about. Now I’m pursuing two master’s degrees at USC getting new skills and additional knowledge in computer science, film and communication. I’ve always thought that innovation is created in the convergence space between two or more fields of knowledge, and I want to be living proof of that concept. I see myself founding my own company within the next 3 years. Before that I want to learn from the practice and the big players in the industry.

It’s a pleasure to join Sigma Eta Pi and I’m looking forward to know more about the diverse, fascinating life stories you have to tell. And so build a framework for exceptional friendships (and business partnerships) in the future.