West Coast, Best Coast?

I’ve always lived on the coast. From being born in a rural, traditional town int the middle of Pennsylvania to moving to a large town in the suburbs of Boston, I had never experienced living anywhere else but the east coast.

I grew up with stereotypical, east coast habits. From my clothing to activities in each season, I felt that this was the norm across the US. I was used to seeing the leaves turn to beautiful hues of red and orange in late October, I watched as everyone got ready for the cold and snow-ridden winters of Massachusetts and took out my shorts as soon as it was above 50 degrees in the spring.

I attending a private “prep” school in Massachusetts that perhaps added to my east coast habits. Shirt, ties and blazers and Sperry’s were the daily norm at school and as I grew, I thought that this was the life that I want to and will always live.

However, as college came around, I found an opportunity to explore a different city. I took a chance and decided to come to USC. With no prior experience of the west coast besides the cinematic representations of Los Angeles, I flew over here with a hopeful mindset in beginning adventures at another location.

However, after experiencing LA for a few months now, I truly understand the love and hype of the west coast. I feel like a truly found myself in LA. I had been used to “fitting” into my stereotypical east coast life style and here, especially at USC, I feel like I’ve truly been able to act myself. From materialistic possessions such as clothes to my actions, LA has truly allowed me explore and define myself.

While I’m excited for the next four years here, I await for the next adventure that comes in the next city.

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